Season 06
About this non-profit:

"Hunger is the constant corrosive companion of millions." And it can only be stopped by a "cooperative enterprise -- a sharing rather than a neighbor seeks with neighbor to build the community where both may find security and happiness.” Dr. John Peters delivered these eloquent thoughts during a 1951 church sermon in Oklahoma City. That single speech was so powerful, a worldwide program to stop hunger and poverty sprung up practically overnight. In this edition of The Visionaries, we profile the Oklahoma-based organization, World Neighbors, that works around the globe to empower people to solve their own problems of poverty, hunger and disease. We begin in Kenya, where community organizers are helping their own people gain access to better healthcare, adequate food resources and education. We also learn how Kenyans, and others from the Third World are sharing their skills with Americans. In the second part of the show, we watch as a community organizer from Oklahoma City travels to Kenya to learn how to deal with some of the problems his community is facing. It is a powerful story of how people from around the world can reach out to each other, and make a difference in their own backyard or halfway around the globe.