Waterkeeper Alliance

Jody Santos
Season 24
About this non-profit:

“Waterkeeper Warriors” Every day, we discharge more than 2 million tons of waste into our world’s waterways. Because of climate change and pollution, half the globe could face a severe water shortage within the next ten years. Under the Clean Water Act, we have a right in this country to fishable, swimmable, drinkable water, but ask the people in Flint, Michigan - whose children now have lead poisoning after drinking from the long- polluted Flint River - whether that means anything anymore. We can pass all the laws we want, but unless someone is out there making sure they’re being enforced, nothing will change. The Waterkeeper Alliance has more than 300 Waterkeeper organizations and affiliates patrolling and protecting about 3 million miles of waterway around the world. Whether they’re on the water tracking down polluters or in the courtrooms enforcing environmental laws, these Waterkeeper warriors are leading the charge to save what’s left of our water before it’s too late.

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