Tissue Banks International

Season 06
About this non-profit:

Inside a small, brownstone building in downtown Baltimore, Maryland a medical revolution is happening. It is changing the way people around the world live their lives, and is giving hope to millions of people who are living in despair. Dedicated professionals are working around the clock to restore the sight of the corneally blind. This is the headquarters of Tissue Banks International TBI. Formed in 1964, as the Medical Eye Bank of Maryland, TBI has revolutionized eye banking, and is now the largest provider of corneal tissue on the planet. In this edition of The Visionaries, we witness the life-altering work of TBI, as they give the gift of sight to thousands of people around the world. The Visionaries travels to the Philippines, where we follow the story of a committed staff of medical professionals, who are giving hope to people who never thought they would see again. We watch as one man's life is transformed by a corneal transplant. We also experience the story of a brave little girl, whose nobel gift of a cornea donation helped inspire others to abandon widely-held superstitions surrounding death. Back in the United States, The Visionaries crew follows the story of a Maryland man, whose sight is restored thanks to the work of TBI. With 26 eye bank locations across the country, and 39 eye bank members abroad, TBI is helping to relieve human suffering in every corner of the planet.