The National Association for Community Mediation Part 2

Season 06
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In the second of this two-part special, The Visionaries travel to rural New Mexico. It is an area that projects a sense of peace and serenity with its beautiful landscapes and lush forests. But just beneath the surface this area is facing a controversy that is turning neighbor against neighbor, in a bitter battle over the very land itself. In Catron County, New Mexico, we hear the story of how ranchers, environmentalists, the timber industry and the forest service are at odds over how to manage the land. For generations, ranchers and the timber industry have lived off the resources of the land. But federal regulations and a growing environmental movement are putting more and more limits on the western way of life. We watch as the tension mounts in this small community to the point that people no longer feel safe in their homes. With so many parties in conflict, trained mediators have a difficult job ahead of them. We watch as mediators take on the difficult job of getting people to once again talk to each other, and slowly begin to resolve some of the many complex issues that are tearing their community apart.

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