The National Association for Community Mediation Part 1

Season 06
About this non-profit:

In part one of this two-part special, The Visionaries explores a growing movement in the United States, known as Community Mediation. We focus on the Washington, DC organization, The National Association for Community Mediation. This umbrella organization provides support, training materials and a national voice to its more than 200 members nationwide. In this episode, we see how Community Mediation Centers are dealing with issues of crime, violence and race, and are changing the face of the communities we live in. First we travel to Asheville, North Carolina, where we see first-hand how an organization called The Mediation Center works with juvenile fenders. We hear the story of two young boys, who are playing a dangerous game with bee-bee guns that gets out of control. Before they know what happens, they have shot out a local store's windows, and find themselves at the police department. While they could have ended up in juvenile hall, the young men make retribution for their crime through a process known as Victim Offender Mediation. We see how the experience transforms the boys, as they take responsibility for their actions. Next, we travel to Tallahassee, Florida. There, we witness how The Neighborhood Justice Center works to quell racial tensions in its community. Through a slow and often painful process, the mediators begin a dialogue into one of the most divisive issues facing our country today, and help to mend some of the strained relationships in the community.