The Leadership Academy

Bill Mosher
Season 24
About this non-profit:

“The Will and the Skill to Lead” In the beginning, it was simple. Education was one person teaching another. Next, it was teaching teachers to teach. Now, with 14,000 school systems, 132,000 schools, and 76 million students in this country, the real challenge is leadership. How do communities harness the skills and power of education leaders to drive schools to equitably give all students what they need to realize their full potential? This is the story of The Leadership Academy, a non-profit organization founded in New York City, that has emerged as a national model for teaching and inspiring leadership at every level of the school system. But it is also the story of change. As schools across the United States welcome students and families from varied corners and cultures of the country and the world, The Leadership Academy is committed to making sure leaders have the will and skills to create an environment where every student can be successful.

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