The Islamic Society of North America

Mary Steele
Season 07
About this non-profit:

Since its inception as a student body in 1963, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has been assisting Muslim communities in North America to live in accordance with the spirit of Islam. The Visionaries episode about ISNA will focus on some of the activities it's establishes and nurtures to help Muslims practice their religion peacefully. ISNA's annual convention is the nation's largest gathering of Muslims registering a visible presence of Islam. The Visionaries along with 25,000 Muslim men, women and children attended the 36th ISNA annual convention in Chicago dedicated to "Islam: Guidance for Humanity". Distinguished Muslims scholars explored topics such as Countering Distortions. "Spirituality in Islam" was explored by former musician, Cat Stevens known today as Yusuf Islam, who talked about man's relation with God. During an enormous gathering outside, where thousands had gathered to pray, the visionary Dr. Syyid M. Syeed delivered an emotional speech about American readiness to embrace Islam and get rid of prejudice in the next millennium. Other ISNA programs explored in the documentary are its full time Islamic schools where students are taught Arabic and Islamic doctrines in addition to the regular curriculum, conversion sessions in prisons and the Mosque's role in supporting and guiding inner city African American Youth.