The Colored Women's Democratic Campaign Committee

Season 08
About this non-profit:

When you hear the word Visionary all kinds of images come to mind. We are about to add a new portrait to our gallery of great social innovators. Her name is Victorine Q. Adams. When this visionary sprung into action, Harry S. Truman was President of the United States. Racial segregation was legal, leaving African-Americans and women largely disenfranchised. In this episode of the The Visionaries, witness how Ms. Adams formed The Colored Women's Democratic Campaign Committee in Baltimore in the 1940's, and how she has been a powerful force that has transformed the political landscape and inspired a whirlwind of remarkable social reform. You will see how she then took it a step further. As the first black woman elected to the Baltimore City Council, she led an electoral transformation of the city by rallying voters and candidates of color to become part of the political process. After having changed thousands of lives, this civil rights leader, politician, community activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and educator labors still, continuing to dedicate her time to improve life for others. Victorine Q. Adams combine into a powerful force capable of changing the world around her.

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