The Caring Institute

Bill Mosher
Season 04
About this non-profit:

The Caring Institute, of Washington DC, was founded in 1985 by brothers Bill and Val Halamandaris to teach the value of caring. In this episode, meet four of the extraordinary recipients of National Caring Awards: Henri Landwirth lost his family and his youth to the Holocaust. He came to the US poor and became a successful businessman who dedicates much of his time to helping children and their families through his "Give Kids the World" village, which gives terminally ill kids a chance to live out their childhood dreams in nearby Disney World. Rachel Wheeler Rossow has legally adopted 21 kids, most of whom have severe mental and physical handicaps. At her home in Ellington, CT, she calmly and lovingly cares for these children who have profound physical and emotional needs. Hugh Jones believes in giving back to the community, and as CEO of a large Jacksonville, FL, bank, encouraged his employees to do the same. Inspired, they continue to contribute over 40,000 hours a year to community projects. Jones also washes dishes at a local homeless shelter and supported the Korean Heart Program, which brought Korean children with heart disease to the US for surgery. Momma Hawk created the "Recovering the Gifted Child" program in the Chicago public school where she teaches. With tough love, patience and innovative teaching techniques, she instills self-worth and the will to succeed in kids wrongly labeled hopeless and expendable.