Jody Santos
Season 22
About this non-profit:

For many news organizations, it’s often easier to share hard stories of violence and destitution than it is to convey the subtleties of the respectful and sustainable work needed to build a better world. It is precisely these subtleties that define Solidarity Bridge, which empowers medical communities in Bolivia to serve those in need. By building relationships based on mutual respect and fostering solidarity among all who participate, Solidarity Bridge ensures that the impact of each of their medical missions to Bolivia grows exponentially – in both measureable and immeasurable ways. This episode of the Visionaries follows a team of surgeons from the U.S. over the course of a mission visit to several public hospitals in Bolivia. These American surgeons from Solidarity Bridge are not here to “bestow” their knowledge onto their Bolivian peers but to partner with and empower these local doctors to go on to serve as healers and mentors in their own communities. The role of Solidarity Bridge’s organizational partner in Bolivia, Puente de Solidaridad, is also a key to the Chicago-based non-profit’s success. Working together, these sister organizations are transforming lives by promoting solidarity and justice through the experiences of service and healing.