Outreach International

Season 07
About this non-profit:

It's been called the worst tragedy to ever hit Central America. In October 1998, Hurricane Mitch wreaked unprecedented havoc in the country of Nicaragua. Homes were destroyed, crops were lost and thousands were killed. While many families huddled in their cramped homes praying for salvation, the small mountain town of Santa Lucia mobilized to protect their families and their community. In this episode of The Visionaries, we follow the story of a small band of fiercely committed people, who helped the people of Santa Lucia prepare for any tragedy they might face. They are the staff of Outreach International, a Missouri-based organization that works around the world to empower people to solve the problems they face. Armed with a program brilliant in its simplicity, Outreach International's local staff help equip the people of Nicaragua with the most effective resource at their disposal - the power to organize themselves.