Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California

Bill Mosher
Season 04
About this non-profit:

Founded in 1989 by Pamela Davis, The Nonprofits' Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC) is a unique umbrella organization that provides affordable liability insurance to other nonprofits so they can effectively fulfill their missions. This episode features five NIAC members, each serving very different community needs: a senior citizens network, the California Gray Bears, operates a recycling center and distributes donated food to the elderly; Women's Crisis Support works to eradicate violence against women; Heads Up, Inc., an equestrian center, uses horseback riding as therapy for physically and mentally disabled children; San Francisco BayKeeper, an environmental group, monitors water quality, reporting violations of pollution control laws; and Watts Health Foundation operates mobile medical units in LA's inner city neighborhoods. Now nine years old, NIAC has 1,500 member-insureds, and annual insurance premiums totaling $10 million.