Near East Foundation Part 1

Season 10
About this non-profit:

Almost 100 years ago, a group of Americans answered the need to create an organization that would respond to the first refugee crisis of the 20th Century. Near East Relief-now Near East Foundation (NEF)-played a crucial role in saving a generation of Armenians. Today, NEF works with people of the Middle East and Africa to build community projects under the control of the local people. This two-part episode offers a glimpse into the group's fascinating past as remembered by a survivor of the Armenian genocide. We also travel to Morocco, where Berber women are teaming with NEF to discover a life that includes more than hauling wood and water. In Egypt, you'll meet a former drug dealer transformed by the renaissance of Cairo's oldest slum. He credits his family's survival to an amazing NEF project that spans from music to construction.

Locations in this Episode: