National Cooperative Business Association Part 2

Bill Mosher
Season 21
About this non-profit:

The second half of this one-hour special on NCBA-CLUSA focusses on the international arm of the organization: CLUSA (Cooperative League of the United States of America). Visionaries takes the viewer to two far-away countries to demonstrate that the cooperative model can create positive social change, not just here in the States, but around the globe. In East Timor an astounding thing has occurred. At the Cooperitiva Café Timor, hundreds of small farmers came together to form a coop that not only grows some of the best fair trade, organically grown coffee in the world, it generates enough income to pro fide free health care to thousands of people. In Maputo, Mozambique, with the help of the Mozambican Association to Promote the Modern Cooperative (AMPCM) and other organizations doing similar work, small farmers are using the co-op model to increase and transform subsistence farming into small businesses that generate enough income to send their children to school by practicing “conservation agriculture.”

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