Bill Mosher
Season 18
About this non-profit:

This story will inspire hope in the millions of families struggling with a disease that will cost America $200 billion dollars in 2012. As staggering as this number is, it does not account for the unpaid care 15 million family members are providing. Viewers will be introduced to a unique approach to adult day care that is built around the concept of “Failure Free Zones” in which participants succeed in an atmosphere filled with meaningful activities. The episode will portray a “day in the life” of the staff of Memory Matters and the people they serve. Of particular interest is Memory Matters creative approach to early onset Alzheimer’s. The Visionaries film crew captured their unique approach through interviews with staff and participants in the groundbreaking Brain Boosters Class - that may one day become a national model. Viewers across the country will know what it feels like for a family confronted with the diagnosis of Alzheimer's. There is hope in the new tools being created in places like Memory Matters that can equip families to deal with the enormity of the challenge that lay ahead.

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