Bill Mosher
Season 24
About this non-profit:

“Mindfulness in the Real World” It is interesting how, in our culture of information overload, truths become hackneyed… words appropriated and overused until they become cliché. The concept of mindfulness is a good example. The notion that peace and healing can occur by living in the moment is ancient. This is the story of a national organization that has taken something seemingly nebulous and built a real platform that is changing the face of healthcare: transforming lives in ways that can be measured with very real and provable outcomes. That organization, Kula for Karma brings therapeutic yoga, meditation, and stress management programs to those struggling with mental health, trauma, and addiction. They do this in major hospitals, treatment centers, schools and crisis centers. Kula is part of the solution, committed to changing the stigma around mental health. We take you to bear witness to the true and lasting impact of Mindfulness. The ancient truth is we don’t have to suffer in silence.