Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Jody Santos
Season 24
About this non-profit:

“Harvest of Hope” Feeding the hungry is among society’s most fundamental obligations, but we also need to question why our neighbors are without food in the first place. In other words, “giving back” is necessary but not enough. We must search for ways to bring about lasting, systemic change, and that means redefining philanthropy as we know it today. Two years ago, a New York-based nonprofit called the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee - or JDC - had an idea. They started what’s called a philanthropic loan fund to address poverty among Africa’s smallholder farmers. Inspired by noted philanthropist and entrepreneur Seth Merrin, the program - known as TOV - offers farmers access to money, technology, and business training - with a goal of tripling every dollar invested. When farmers repay their loans, that money gets reinvested to support more farmers, and the effect ripples out from there.