Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota (ILCM)

Jody Santos
About this non-profit:

“Indivisible” The landscape of America is changing. In Minnesota, home of the Vikings, some of the nation’s largest refugee communities are living in the Twin Cities. And in the state’s more rural areas, the numbers are even more striking. The town of Worthington in southern Minnesota has received more unaccompanied minors per capita than almost anywhere else in the country. While nearby towns have shrunk almost to extinction, Worthington has grown, with its population now almost two-thirds minority. One of the forces behind Minnesota’s changing landscape is an organization called Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota - or ILCM. Since opening its doors over 20 years ago, ILCM has helped thousands of immigrants gain legal status in the United States and overcome the challenges of obtaining work authorization and citizenship. With immigrants playing a key role in the state’s population growth, ILCM’s legal and advocacy work has helped keep communities alive and made them stronger.