Global Fund for Women

Jody Santos
Season 09
About this non-profit:

If the war in Afghanistan has done anything, it has refocused the nation's attention on the plight of women worldwide. Women make up more than 50 percent of the global population, yet two-thirds of those living in poverty are women. They are also the first targets of abuse for religious extremists and have suffered the worst indignities. But the Global Fund for Women knows that women are the key to overcoming all of this. Resisting the top-down policies of more traditional grant-making organizations, the Global Fund supports women's rights-and their ability-to make their own decisions about how to pursue a different future. They do this by giving seed money to grassroots women's groups all over the world. The Visionaries travels with the Global Fund to Nepal and Mexico, where viewers will meet courageous women willing to take risks-from attempting to end the sex trafficing of young girls in Nepal to promoting self-sufficiency and equality through training and education in Mexico-and advancing human rights for all.