Bill Mosher
Season 15
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Getting Ready is a prison program that simply works. The numbers don't lie. Inmate-on-inmate violence is down by 37 percent, inmate-on-staff assaults by 51 percent, and inmate suicides have been reduced by 33 percent. But the real change comes when the inmates are released. An inmate who has gone through the program is 35% more successful on the outside. That means they are more likely to get jobs, stay drug free and reunite with their family. It also means they are far less likely to commit another crime. How does it work? It starts on day one. From the moment inmates enters the Arizona Department of Corrections the quest is to prepare them for the day they leave. Visionaries takes you inside the Arizona prisons where you experience the powerful transformation that occurs when Administrators, Corrections Officers and Inmates work together in a system designed to mirror how life works on the outside. That means inmates must earn privileges and compete for good jobs by getting an education, participating in rehabilitation programs and contributing to the community.

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