Freedom from Hunger

Bill Mosher
Season 03
About this non-profit:

Freedom from Hunger's goal is nothing less than the elimination of chronic hunger and malnutrition. Through five decades of service they have learned that the most effective way to win the war against these age old problems is to empower the poor and hungry to help themselves. They do this in two ways; by directly helping people in need and by creating programs designed for larger organizations to adopt their highly effective strategies. Ellen Vor der Bruegge, the Vice President of Programs, conceived of what has become the cornerstone of Freedom from Hunger's success: invest in the women. Encouraging the development of women-owned businesses has turned out to be a key to alleviating hunger in the rural Bolivian altiplano. With small loans, skills training, and group cooperation, Aymara Indian women are supporting their families and creating new opportunities for their children.