Foundation for a Civil Society

Bill Mosher
Season 05
About this non-profit:

The terrors of war are the gruesome ties that bond people from troubled nations all over the world. Now a small band of Americans, joined by an elite group of international experts, has set out to derive some good from these horrific pasts. The Project on Justice in Times of Transition (formerly: The Foundation for a Civil Society's Project on Justice in Times of Transition) brings together people who have lived through some of the world's darkest conflicts with those who are still struggling to make peace in their own lands. By sharing stories of survival, those striving to resolve conflicts are given inspiration to continue on their journey. We follow the members of The Project as they travel through Northern Ireland during one of its most precarious times in its history, and watch the story of a divided nation unfold before us. While these circumstances are unique, we see shudderingly close similarities to the challenges facing the peoples of the former Yugoslavia. At the International Conference on Missing Persons in Budapest, Serbs, Croats and Muslims slowly learn they must begin to trust one another. Through their experiences we see the first glimpse of hope emerge for them and a process that can help others the world over.

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