Jody Santos
Season 10
About this non-profit:

This episode of The Visionaries begins with an extraordinary event in a small village in West Africa. Rather than celebrating the birth of a child, the residents of Adantia are singing and dancing to rejoice in the prevention of a birth. This is an extraordinary moment for the staff at EngenderHealth, an international reproductive health and family planning agency based in New York. For the last 60 years, this nonprofit has been working in West Africa and in many other parts of the world to promote a woman's right to make informed decisions about her reproductive health-and to then help clinics provide safe and accessible services to accommodate those decisions. On a broader scale, EngenderHealth is tackling issues like overpopulation and environmental degradation by fostering a dialogue around family size in communities like Adantia. The decision not to have more children begins with one woman but it has profound implications for her community, her country, and the entire world.