Elderhostel Part 2

Beth Murphy
Season 07
About this non-profit:

It's 10pm - Do you know where your grandparents are?? Maybe they're trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal...or hitching a ride on a camel in Cairo...Perhaps they're in Arizona fulfilling a lifelong dream to fly an airplane...or in Monument Valley volunteering on a Navajo reservation. There's no end to the adventure on an Elderhostel program. And the fun is just the beginning. Elderhostel, a nonprofit organization based in Boston, MA, is committed to lifelong learning. From astronomy to zoology, Elderhostel offers more than 10,000 programs around the world to people over the age of 55. Every program is an exciting combination of learning, adventure and travel. The learning experiences happen on university campuses around the globe and at community colleges in your own backyard. You may also find your classroom is in a boat on the Mississippi or Nile Rivers or on a train crossing the Canadian Rockies. For 25 years Elderhostel has helped shatter the image of older Americans playing shuffleboard or knitting. As one experienced Elderhosteler put it: "If you can't find something you're interested in, you better check your pulse!"

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