Cooperative Housing Foundation International Part 1

Season 09
About this non-profit:

Cardboard walls are replaced by concrete in a Mexican home and now a family can protect their children from a dangerously cold winter on the border. For the first time, a poor fisherman is given access to credit. He replaces the broken motor on his boat so that his children can eat and his family can survive a troubled economy in Jordan. Two doctors in Azerbaijan, brothers whose lives have been ripped apart by conflict, are able to finish a medical clinic that is restoring hope and health to a former war zone. Rusted shacks are replaced by a row of colorful new homes in South Africa. They are perhaps as much symbolic as practical, built by communities long denied access to home ownership, finance or choice. CHF, or the Cooperative Housing Foundation, has discovered a simple formula for progress: faith in people combined with small investments and support. It is producing dividends - personal and financial - in developing countries worldwide. Our Visionaries crew travels far and wide with CHF to witness its astounding impact among people who have long been ignored. What we uncover are the very human stories behind CHF's diverse programs, which include housing, microfinance, business development and more. Each is an extension of one shared vision: the desire to break down barriers and restore the human spirit.