Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation

Bill Mosher
Season 01
About this non-profit:

Patti Lyons worked every day with the victims of poverty, abuse and neglect; Consuelo Zobel Alger loved children and saw the desperate need to provide them with safe alternatives to the streets, vocational training to give them a leg up out of perpetual poverty and education in the ways of positive living. Through a series of miracles, these two amazing women who lived a world apart were introduced, and their visions of a different world are being realized every day. From an area controlled by Muslim rebel factions to a garbage heap which is home to more than 3,000 families, programs sponsored by the foundation Mrs. Alger endowed help bring hope and dignity to thousands. Through initiatives like a self-help housing program in Hawaii and a Muslim schoolhouse built on stilts in the Jolo region of the Philippines, the Alger Foundation provides new opportunities and hope for thousands of families.