Christian Appalachian Project

Bill Mosher
Season 03
About this non-profit:

Seeing a desperate need, literally in his own backyard, Father Ralph Beiting began by helping the people of Appalachia who lived in his parish with donated food, clothing and household goods. But he soon realized that lasting change would not come to the area with this short-term solution to the far-reaching need. He formed the Christian Appalachian Project in the 1960's with a vision to simply help the people of Appalachia help themselves. Today, through 75 programs--falling generally into the categories of crisis intervention, education and community development--CAP sows the seeds of permanent changes. CAP balances long-term programs like adult literacy and high school equivalency classes, teen and youth centers, and child development programs with ongoing short-term needs programs like emergency financial assistance, spouse abuse centers and food and gift baskets for the holidays. As needs emerge and evolve, Father Beiting and his cadre of staff and volunteers lend a hand.