Blythdale Children’s Hospital

Jody Santos
Season 25
About this non-profit:

Every once in a while, a baby is born months premature and weighing less than a pound or there’s a horrific accident or maybe a stroke.They face neurological conditions or degenerative neuro-muscular disorders. They might be unable to speak or move. The point is that each individual child’s problems are astoundingly complex and very different from the child across the hall. This is a story about an amazing place where these astounding challenges are confronted head on. We take you now to Blythedale Children’s Hospital in New York, which has been addressing the most pressing medical needs of infants and children for the last 150 years. But here is the amazing thing…. it is the singular concept around which every child’s care revolves: Let kids be kids. Every patient is a child who wants to laugh and play and be part of this world. And through advocacy on their behalf and an unrelenting commitment to finding new ways to improve their access to care, Blythedale is finding ways to help them do just that. All while teaching parents how to become confident caregivers so that these medically fragile children eventually can go home. And despite the many challenges, that’s a milestone they achieve for more than 90% of their kids.

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