Jody Santos
Season 16
About this non-profit:

Lately, the news surrounding people on the fringes of the world’s society hasn’t been good. History is repeating itself as immigrants face discrimination on the streets, in job markets and in schools. In some countries, the impact of discrimination, poverty and HIV/AIDS have left whole new generations at risk. But, quietly, in isolated pockets of the world, Catholic priests and nuns are doing noble work. One such group is the Augustinians of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova, based in Villanova, PA. With missions in South Africa, Peru, Japan and various locations throughout the U.S., these priests and brothers consider themselves "God's foot soldiers." Like Jesus, they are drawn to working with those living on the fringes of society - people with HIV/AIDS, prisoners, and immigrants. In bearing witness to the suffering around them, the Augustinians and their lay volunteers seek to change the face of poverty and make God known through the essence of compassion.