Americans for Immigrant Justice

Jody Santos
Season 24
About this non-profit:

“One Nation” They are fleeing for their lives from countries like Guatemala and Somalia - only to be treated like criminals when they arrive in the U.S. They’re put in detention centers, where they are monitored 24 hours a day and deprived of food and medical care. Out in the community, immigrant children are afraid to go to school, fearing that when they return home, a parent will be gone - taken by ICE and deported. In this climate of fear and heartbreak, the Miami nonprofit law firm Americans for Immigrant Justice is fighting a terrifying battle. They know that every case they take on - from unaccompanied minors to asylum seekers - could be a matter of life or death. Yet the staff at Americans for Immigrant Justice stand strong, determined to be a voice for people who are often too afraid to speak.

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