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Street Stories is an internet media project that imparts to the world remarkable lives of poverty and abundance.  Giving voice to the voiceless, in a time when “rich” and “poor” are increasingly divided, we reach across material segregations to reveal universal truths.  The voiceless may be those who have lost their voice by poverty or rejection, or by affluent lives that can’t afford the price of speaking what they know to be true.


​Street Stories is simply a collection of stories of people speaking on the street: whose revelations about everyday life offer extraordinary insights.  The stories received from around the globe via the internet, are curated in Northampton, Massachusetts, to be rendered and sent out in the world.  In stories that bespeak the paradoxical truth of how wealth can produce poverty – and how, despite its injustice, poverty often produces a staggering abundance – we have discovered that amidst our culture of fear that flees the margins of the world, it is here that we can find stories through which to glimpse another kind of fulfillment.


​In the same way that the Bible began as a compendium of oral narratives, Street Stories serves as a living archive of multi-sectarian stories. As religious institutions continue to decline and underserve western culture, there is a need to recall the spiritual wealth that undergirds their great traditions.  Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists, agnostics, Pagans and secularists, bear the possibility of seeking together the greatest universal truths.