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Visionaries, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to producing and distributing media that inspires individuals and communities to take action for positive social change.




Visionaries, Inc. seeks to inspire vast audiences, promote philanthropy on a global level, and serve as a catalyst for positive social change both locally and beyond.

Our Story


Since 1995, Visionaries, Inc. has been producing Visionaries documentary series for public television. Hosted by Sam Waterston of Law & Order, the documentary series highlights the rarely told stories of nonprofit organizations all around the world that are working to make a positive difference in their community and beyond.


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Business Office

Visionaries, Inc.

748 Page St. Stoughton, MA 02072


Production Office

Bill Mosher

200 Main St. Unit 3B Northampton, MA 01060



1-(800) 647-5559





Individual contact information can be found here.


For questions regarding station relations & underwriting opportunities, please contact Elizabeth Turner.


If you'd like to have your organization profiled, please contact Jessica Lantos or fill out our online application.