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1302b Grass Roots Conservation - USFWS

Our 13th Season

Olivia's House - Grieving Children: A House of Hope

Episode 1301 A

"Olivia's House" is a deeply moving story of death and redemption. Visionaries takes you inside a 22 room Victorian house in York, Pennsylvania where families who have suffered unimaginable loss discover how to cope with the death of a loved one. There you meet two young sisters whose loss is almost beyond comprehension, yet they speak with astounding elegance about the transformation that can occur when young people are given the right tools to manage grief.

Teaming in the Commonwealth of MA - Teams for Dreams: Battling Social Worker Burn Out

Episode 1301 B

Who treats those who treat trauma? The department of social services in Lynn, MA discovered that social workers caring for families in trouble were suffering extreme trauma from their caseloads: depression, isolation, and feelings of hopelessness. Often young social workers were regularly making life and death decisions alone and, as a result, turn over and burn out was legendary. So the department decided to change the rules and try something that had never been done before. The social workers and the families they serve - now say they'll never go back to the old way.

Supportive Housing Pilots Initiative in the State of CT - The Price of Dignity: A Permanent Solution to Homelessness

Episode 1302 A

Visionaries takes you to Connecticut where you will see something you have never seen before: a permanent, cost-effective solution to homeless. For the past ten years, five state agencies and dozens of partner nonprofit agencies have been creating and implementing a proven solution that can be replicated in any community in the country. The price tag for ending homelessness? Dramatically less than the cost of leaving people on the streets. Watch and see the future of social services.

Grass Roots Conservation Program at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Saving the Blackfoot Valley

Episode 1302 B

The arguments went back for generations leaving neighbors feuding, government agencies frustrated, and environmental groups forced to the side. At stake was the future of thousands of acres of pristine land in the Blackfoot Valley, MT needed by landowners to raise cattle, government agencies for tourism and restoration, and environmental groups for preservation. With developers and subdivisions looming, the people of the Blackfoot Valley created an innovation in land use planning that will inspire even those who have never been beneath a Montana "big sky".

Urban Academies Program of the School Board of Broward County, FL - Home Grown Teachers

Episode 1303 A

An inner city school. Students that are 'tough to reach.' Plummeting test scores. Teachers moving on to more lucrative jobs in the suburbs. It's a familiar story in cities all over the United States. But in Broward County, Florida, the story has a different ending. Resolved to find committed teachers for the county's inner city schools, the Broward County School Board took radical action. With the help of local universities and businesses, they began guaranteeing college scholarships and jobs for inner city students as early as 7th grade. They call it 'growing our own.'

Mayor's Charter Schools Initiative in the City of Indianapolis, IN - New Rules, New Schools

Episode 1303 B

What if you had a child in eighth grade and one third of your child's classmates dropped out before high school graduation? You'd probably start looking for another school. But who is responsible for that failing school? The state legislature in Indiana grew so frustrated with the lack of accountability for its failing school system that it changed the rules. For the first time in the history of the United States, state law makes one person accountable for the success of failure of schools in the state capital of Indianapolis. The results will amaze you.

Health Information Technology at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VistA ) - Wired Soldier: Medical Innovation at the VA

Episode 1304 A

When 10 year Army medic Craig Carpenter returned from Desert Storm with diabetes, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis that landed him in a wheelchair, the Washington DC Veteran's Hospital knew that his care would require extensive coordination. Faced with caring for thousands of veterans like Craig, the Department of Veteran's Affairs developed an extraordinary innovation: an electronic medical record that's paperless, filmless, fully accessible, fully integrated, completely secure, mobile and available to any doctor with clearance. It means both Craig and his doctors can monitor his conditions 24 hours a day from a home laptop. It means Craig won't spend days in the hospital having expensive tests repeated. It means that the cost of healthcare in the VA has remained the same while growing by 40% everywhere else. It means that healthcare has changed for all of us.

Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit in Washington, D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department - Gay Policing: Born of Silence

Episode 1304 B

When is silence golden and when is it born of fear? The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department discovered that members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities in their city were being attacked on the streets, facing violence in their own homes, and experiencing the same types of crimes as straight citizens. Instead of calling the police for help and reporting these crimes, these communities remained silent. This is the story of how the police department of our nation's capital learned to protect and defend communities that feared cops more than their attackers.

The Grace Children's Foundation - Beyond Adoption ' Serving Orphans in China

Episode 1305

The Grace Children's foundation is one of those stories that takes you beyond the natural inclination we all have to help children in need to present a practical and comprehensive solution to a monumental global problem. Millions of orphaned children populated the nations of the world. Thousands of well-meaning Americans have adopted children and given them loving homes. But what about the millions of children who will never be adopted. This is the story of how one parent looked into the eyes of her adopted child and saw all of the children left behind. She created the Grace Children's Foundation that is working in China to bring health care, education, and humanitarian aid to parentless children in a unique partnership with the Chinese government; It is a model that could change the world.