Visionaries - Changing the World One Story at a Time

Our 12th Season

SEED School - The Most Successful School in America

(1201) This story will change everything you thought was true about urban education. We are going to take you to a lottery in Washington DC where city kids are chosen to attend the nations only inner city boarding school. These aren't the best and the brightest. ow, fast-forward six years to graduation. Every single student is going to college. How is this possible?

Youth Civic Engagement - Engaging Youth

(1201) Almost every city and town in America gives lip service to serving the youth of their community. We are going to take you to Hampton Virginia, where you will discover what happens when words are transformed into a real commitment to involve young people in all aspects of civic life. They are, walking the streets with police, working with merchants and sitting in meetings in City Hall.

Alaska Wilderness League - Into the Wild

(1202) From vast arctic tundra to majestic rainforests, Alaska's wild places are threatened national treasures. Meet citizen activists from all over the country who pay their own way to go to Washington DC to lobby their elected leaders to save America's last great wilderness. Including 12-year-old Savannah Walters who has founded a national movement of kids to save the Arctic National Refuge from development.

Colorado Rocky Mountain School - Agents of Change

(1202) In the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado sits a very special school with a unique mission. Educating our young people to lead America into a more sustainable future. Students learn from more then books. Through direct experience of the wilderness, community service projects, and physical labor, these kids are ready to make a difference in the world. Meet the graduates who have already made their mark and the current students preparing to do so. Finally, meet teacher Mark Clark who has dedicated the last 27 years of his life to preparing our young people to be change agents for a brighter future for all of us.

Iowa Charter Agencies - Shredding the Red Tape

(1203) In Iowa they did something astounding. They told state agencies 'Think outside the box. Be bold. Take risks. Invent new ways of serving the public. Oh yeah, one other thing, you have to agree to-give back a percentage of your budget, but if you do, we will unshackle you from the bureaucratic chains and let you make your own decisions.' A few agencies agreed to the deal and set about the task of inventing new ways to feed the poor, rehabilitate prisoners, and even issue fishing licenses. The result was millions of dollars in new revenue streams and dramatic improvements in service to the public.

PART - Simple Questions-Monumental Impact

(1203) Visionaries takes you into the White House to discover how a few simple questions can change the lives of millions of people. In this rare inside look at the inner workings of federal government we discover what would happen if someone asked; Does this program work? Well it did happen and the impact is monumental. In fact it may be the biggest change in how government operates, in a generation.

State Forensic Program - Jail Break

(1204) We are there when he gets out of jail. Just another of the thousands of prisoners all across America who have served out their sentences and are being released without any parole supervision. Eight out of ten prisoners like him will be rearrested soon. But, he is different. There is someone there to meet him. He will get a little help with housing, health care and job placement. Guess what happens. His chances of re-offending are cut by over 70%.

Systemic Code Enforcement Program - The Slum Lord Slayers

(1204) This is a story of what happens when a city tackles a nightmare head on. LA has more rental units than any other city in America. Thousand of people were living in dangerous and unhealthy units. Using new technology and a bold approach the city said. We are going to go inside every single unit and change the very nature of life in our City. What they didn't count on was changing the very economy of the City.

Little Light House - The Power of Parenthood

(1205) Marcia Mitchell was just a mom. But when her baby was diagnosed with a disability everything changed. She became an unstopped advocate and social entrepreneur. Her story is vivid example of one of the most powerful forces at work in the non-profit world. It is the astounding ability of some people to transform tragedy into action that results in real and measurable changes in other people's lives.

Seafarers' House - Serving Those Who Work at Sea

(1205) It is a mysterious hidden world filled with thousand of people who live out their lives floating beneath our awareness. They have their own laws, culture and economy. They are the Seafarers of the world. The men and woman who work on the tankers that bring you oil and the cabin steward on a cruise ship. We will take you inside this exotic world where you meet a husband and wife team that serves thousand of Seafarers each year in Fort Lauderdale, one of the busiest ports in America.

Trust for Public Land - This is Our Land

(1206) Visionaries is about telling the positive stories that define our lives. Now, in an exciting new venture we present an episode produced in partnership with the Trust for Public Lands. It is the first in a series of programs that highlight America's relationship with the land. These are powerful, emotion evoking stories that reveal the very nature of what it means to be an American.